Khác nhau giữa con gái Sài Gòn và Hà Nội

15 Th8 2014, Posted by admin in Life

These illustrations, created by blogger Mèo Lười show her view of the differences between girls in Sài Gòn and Hà Nội. From reactions to breakups to eating habits, one can view them as astute observations, or as one-sided conclusions. As a Sài Gòn girl, I tend to prefer “kem ốc quế” and have friends in Hà Nội who cry rivers during their breakups so these characterizations are far from scientific.

Leisure time: Saigon girls like taking photos while girls in Hanoi like writing poetry.


When their husband comes home late: Saigon girls say “So you come home at this hour?” while girls in Hanoi say “Why didn’t you go away forever?”.


Eating Ice Cream: Saigon girls like ice cream cups while girls in Hanoi like ice cream cones.

Eating habits: Saigon girls go out for dinner with friends while girls in Hanoi ask their friends to cook at home.


Spending leisure time: Saigon girls go to Hồ Con Rùa (turtle Lake) while girls in Hanoi go to Hồ Hoàn Kiếm.

Eating habits: Saigon girls eat Bún bò Huế while girls in Hanoi eat bún ốc.

Perfume choice: Saigon like the scent while girls in Hanoi like the brand.

Dealing with breakups.

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